The Coming Soon Team 3/17/17

There is a lot of controversy regarding coming soon listings within the residential real estate industry and today we will be busting just one of the many Coming Soon myths! Coming Soon Homes is a ground-breaking pre-marketing platform with top producing partners all across North America within a variety of brands. Our objective? Confidently pave the way to help top producing brokerages increase their competitive advantage in their local markets, double listing inventory, and retain/attract new agents, one coming soon listing at a time.

Here is todays coming soon myth:

MYTH #1: My Board's MLS® System does not support coming soon listings.

TRUTH: The national Board's MLS® System databases want to be in control over the market (which is understandable) but the time has come for agents to be more innovative and successful at providing their clients the best experience possible. Adding a listing to our Board's MLS® System and letting it sit is not being proactive. It is the exact opposite. With such a swift moving market agents, have had to find new methods to increase their competitive advantage, inventory, and offer their home sellers the best possible end result. Why not attract all the home buyers and not just the first few?

Coming Soon Homes uniquely structured our coming soon process and have had it approved in over 18 different states (and more coming on board). We have been through years of legal conversations, our Board's MLS® System battles, and negotiations to help properly educate the real estate community of how to properly utilize and structure a coming soon strategy.

How do we do this? First, we have a signed listing agreement in hand before moving forward with any coming soon strategy. Second, we allow NO SHOWINGS within the coming soon time period. Third, we have the home seller and agent representing that listing sign a temporary exclusion document. These 3 steps have dramatically changed our clients results within large and small markets. Many initially approached us with concerns of our Board's MLS® System negative feedback, but once we walked them through the process, they were so grateful they asked because one simple myth can kill a game changer if not properly educated!

If you would like to learn more and see how a coming soon strategy would work in your market, click here.

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